Hempfield Apothecary Is Now “Hempfield Apothetique”

Hempfield Apothecary | Hempfield Apothetique | Lancaster PA

The brand’s new customer-experience-inspired name will help avoid potential confusion with pharmacies.

LANCASTER, PA, SEPTEMBER 19, 2022 — Hempfield Apothecary has changed its name to “Hempfield Apothetique.” According to co-owner Heather Kreider, four months after launching the brand she was informed by the Department of State that there was a official complaint made and that only companies licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Pharmacy may use the word “Apothecary” in their name.

“We value transparency in all that we do. As soon as we found out that the term ‘apothecary’ was an issue with someone in our community and the state, we acted quickly to change our name,” explained Kreider. “‘Apothetique’ has a distinct ring to it and combines the concepts of wellness and a boutique experience.”

Hempfield Apothetique, located at 100 West Walnut Street, Lancaster, PA, represents an elevated customer experience. Through its classes, workshops, product offerings, and medical marijuana consulting services, the company strives to help individuals enhance their well-being — mind, body, and spirit. Fostering a sense of community, Hempfield Apothetique brings wellness-focused, eco-conscious, and open-minded people together in a safe, welcoming, and accepting environment. Among its educational offerings, the company offers wellness and cooking classes focused on helping medical marijuana cardholders use cannabis to achieve optimal results.

“It’s important to us that our business name accurately projects what our customers can expect from us,” shared Kreider. “We deliver a wellness-oriented, personalized experience that allows individuals to explore natural health options in an inviting and comfortable setting.”

The company’s website and social media accounts also reflect the name change:

Website Address: hempfieldapothetique.com
Facebook Page: Hempfield Apothetique (facebook.com/HempfieldApothetique)
Instagram: @hempfieldapothetique (instagram.com/hempfieldapothetique)

For more information about Hempfield Apothetique, visit hempfieldapothetique.com, send an email to Hello@HempfieldApothetique.com, or call 717-874-8480.